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A Relax-A-Con for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans.

Spring 2018: April 27-29

Fall 2018: November 9-11

Join us for the Slack Attack!


We came, we saw, we slacked!
It was all good!


Geeks will once again descend upon unsuspecting Siren, Wisconsin to spend three days at a comfy little hotel celebrating all things science-fiction and fantasy. Join us all weekend long as we talk Trek, Timelords, and Tolkien - and anything else you want to geek-out about.

This is your big chance to get away from it all and relax.
We'll eat, drink, and be merry. We'll play video games and
board games and unwind in the hot tub. We'll watch movies, vintage Saturday morning cartoons, and let our creative juices flow with arts & crafts.

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Interested in Carpooling or Room Sharing?
OmegaCon is on FaceBook.You can post in the group to find someone to share a hotel room with or inquire about rideshare/carpooling options.

Please note: FaceBook and Twitter are independent entities and are not run by or affiliated with OmegaCon. Use these resources responsibly and at your own risk.

There are many ways that you can lend a hand to help our relax-a-con be a fabulous experience for all. Please sign up to volunteer an hour or two. There will be sign up sheets available at the con

Helpful checklist so you remember to bring everything.

Countdown to 2018 Spring Opening Ceremonies:
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bow ties are cool.

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